Anyone with experience in social and domestic support, aged care or nursing can register to become a Carer. Trust is a must for us, so we have some automatic verification systems online including email, mobile and identify verification. We will also manually review all police checks, qualifications and give an additional "verified" badge to show they have been through our rigorous screening. 

Of course! Infact, most people who register are doing so on behalf of a loved one. If you have any questions or hesitations about registering, please give us a call or email and we would love to discuss them with you.

No. At this stage Anytime Caring is not an approved provider to deliver care under the government care packages. We plan on changing this in the future!

Not currently. However everypage on the website is computer, tablet and mobile friendly!

We do have a mobile app in development, and you can see more info on our blog at: https://blog.anytimecaring.com.au/anytime-caring-news/mobile-application-in-development/

Anytime Carers are flexible and can work around your requirements. This can include providing care in the comfort of your own home, or in aged care facilities, providing it is permitted by the facility (most low and mid care facilities permit).

Yes, Public Liability & professional indemnity Insurance is offered to all care which has been arranged through our platform and provided by a "verified carer". This will benefit both the carer and the care seeker. Care which has been arranged off the platform is not covered by our insurance.

Its simple, just go to https://anytimecaring.com.au/ and register for an account. It is free, and will only take a few minutes!

You can either call us during business hours on (08) 7078 1877 or send us a message through our contact us page.

Our independent Carers engage directly with the Care Seeker and set their own rates, availability, and services offered. The two parties have ability to agree on the rate and times before the Carer is hired and a contract is made through the platform.

Our clients, or Care Seekers, have complete control over what type of care and who delivers that care to them. This is made easy with our online Carer profiles that allow clients to navigate, search, browse feedback and make choices that fit their needs.

Yes. We have registered Carers who offer services at anytime of the day or night, including 24 hour care if required. We are not designed as a "short notice" care platform and encourage care seekers to book and plan their care in advance with their favourite carer.

We have a databse of amazing Carers who are passionate, qualified and experienced in a huge number of services for the elderly community.

Our platform allows care seekers to connect directly with a Carer of their choice to provide a level of service tailored to the personal needs. This allows clients to pay less and receive more as they have complete control.

Anytime Caring provides the following services through their network of Carers.

Nursing Services may include:
• Wound care and dressing
• Medication administering and management
• Continence management
• Diabetes conditions and care
• Health care package case management
• Catheter care

Aged care and Personal Care may include:
• Palliative and disability caring
• Facilitating the assessment of a subsidized or privately funded care package.
• Showering, dressing, daily grooming
• Dementia support
• Medication support and administration.
• Assistance with toileting and mobility around the home.

Domestic & Social Support Services may include:
• The Preparation of Meals
• General companionship
• Transport appropriate for elderly
• Shopping assistance
• Any assistance around the home ranging from changing light globes & gardening to computer or IT support.
• Cleaning
• Laundry services

We operate Australia wide. To find out if there are any registered care workers in your area, simply search your area. 

Absolutely! You and the carer will be able to mutally discuss and agree on best working arrangement!

Anytime Caring collects the payments from the client, or Care Receiver, and we then pass on this payment minus our fee, to the Carer.

Forms of payment are as follows:

  • Direct Debit from nominated account
  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Pre payment with EFT
  • Paypal
  • Payment via Invoices available for certain clients if requested.

Signing up is currently absolutely free!

Our Carers are independent contractors and set their own rates, which reflect their services offered and relevant experiences.

A 5% client service fee is charged by Anytime Caring to the client in addition to the cost of care. Example - If getting 5 hours of care at $30 this will cost $150 + 5% = $157.50.

A 5% carer service fee is charged to the Carer which is taken out from their amount earnt. Example - if a carer provided 5 hours of care at $30, they will receive $150 - 5% = $142.50.

No fees are incurred by either party until the service is confirmed as delivered by both parties. Payments can be clearly tracked online via our platform and are confidential to each party. Payment cycles are weekly.

We highly recommend that you do have your own ABN, because if you do not provide this we are required  by Australian Taxation Laws to withhold 50% of your pay as withholding tax.

You can obtain an ABN for free via this link https://abr.gov.au/