Police check

Police Checks with Anytime Caring

Anytime Caring operate a platform where care workers can offer their services to customers across Australia. We have a firm position to protect people in our community and ensure these persons are not placed in any circumstances of unreasonable risks when utilizing our platform.

Our policy of Police Checks allows you to understand what we need from you, where we obtain this information and what we use this information for. This procedure is in place to protect both care workers and clients of our community alike. Our process of Police checks is mandatory for any care worker engaging in or utilising Anytime Caring's platform.

We Need from You

  • A valid national police clearance certificate.
  • Renewals of clearance to be undertaken every 3 years.
  • To notify Anytime Caring immediately of any pending criminal charge or any convicted criminal offense via email to admin@anytimecaring.com.au

Useful links in Obtaining Police Clearance

How We Treat Your Information

Appropriately authorised staff within Anytime Caring Will ensure the following steps are taken:

  • Will ensure your Police Checks remain confidential to Anytime Caring.
  • Will not duplicate any information or retain records unnecessarily.
  • We will retain your information for 3 years on our confidential files
  • Will only disclose the relevant information when necessary and determined to be necessary by Anytime Caring.

For Further Information, please read Anytime Caring's Privacy Policy.